Our Industry

Spriggs Distributing Company is a leader in the distribution industry; actively involved in numerous organizations and committed to being a passionate voice for the industry we have been a part of for over 8o years!

Spriggs Distributing Company is passionate about Distributing Excellence and leadership in our industry. Our owners have served on boards with the National Beer Wholesalers Association, the Anheuser-Busch Wholesaler Advisory Panel, and state associations. In addition to this leadership, we have received numerous awards for our distribution efforts, including the prestigious Ambassador’s of Excellence Award from Anheuser-Busch in 2013. We were one of only seven distributors in the country to win this award, the highest honor Anheuser-Busch can bestow on a wholesaler.

We are proud to be an integral part of the three-tier system of regulated alcohol beverages. This state-based regulatory system moves alcohol beverages from licensed suppliers like brewers, to licensed distributors like those of Spriggs Distributing Company. We then distribute these products to licensed retailers in the territories we service throughout the great state of West Virginia.

Often folks question why the regulation. The answer is simple. The 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution ended Prohibition in 1933 and gave each state the authority to make sure alcohol-based beverages were delivered in a safe and responsible manner. Our efforts in the middle-tier of this three tier system make sure local communities stay focused on responsible consumption and underage drinking prevention. Also, products can easily be tracked through an efficient and transparent path to market. With literally thousands of suppliers/brewers out there, distributors make the path clear and efficient, saving $22 billion per year in added efficiencies.

Check out some of the Valuable Services Provided by Beer Distributors to Brewers, Retailers, Customers and the General Public

  • Efficient access to markets for ALL beer brands Placement of an increasingly large variety of beers on retail shelves
  • Without distributors, each supplier would have to negotiate with many independent retailers rather than with only a select number of distributors
  • Access to expanded markets through the use of refrigerated transport and storage
  • Distributor responsibility for out-of-code, breakage, or beer that cannot be sold for whatever reasons when taking possession of the beer from brewers
  • E-commerce and other technological capabilities for doing business with retailers
  • Payment “on-receipt,” allowing brewers to avoid financing inventories
  • Specialization by brewers in brewing without concern for distribution

Additional Valuable Services Provided by Beer Distributors Especially to Craft Brewers 

  • Serving as the primary agent in enabling the growth of craft beers facilitating placement of an increasingly large variety of craft beers on retail shelves
  • Providing a localized sales force for craft beers that build brands through store level merchandising, product promotion, marketing initiatives and local event sponsorships.

Valuable Services Provided by Beer Distributors to Beer Retailers and Their Customers 

  • Investing significantly in local marketing of beer brands, enabling retailers to offer an unparalleled selection of beer to consumers
  • Building brands through store level merchandising, product promotion, marketing initiatives and local event sponsorships
  • Ensuring reliable and predictable product availability including frequent delivery, refrigerated warehousing, inventory management and space management
  • Safeguarding product quality and integrity by identifying potential problem products and removing them from the marketplace
  • Making a greater variety of beers available than would be possible without the three-tier distribution system
  • Stocking and rotating shelf sets as part of direct store delivery
  • Providing quality control through removal of outdated products
  • Replenishing out-of-stock items quickly
  • Providing professional merchandising services for special promotions, upcoming events and activities in the community
  • Cleaning and replacing keg tap lines where legally permissible
  • Sponsoring in-store tastings where legally permissible
  • Introducing advanced in-store consumer-service technologies such as computerized choice assistance
  • Providing server training
  • Keeping an open dialogue with retailers regarding best practices for responsibility in advertising

Valuable Services Provided by Beer Distributors to the General Public 

  • Fostering a responsible beer industry. Distributors educate retailers and consumers and provide resources that promote safe, moderate and responsible consumption. Distributors help balance responsibility with robust competition and vast consumer choice.
  • Tracking product and ensuring tax collection. Distributors maintain detailed records that make transparent the chain of custody of alcoholic beverages from suppliers to retailers. In many states, distributors also ensure the timely payment and complete collection of state and local taxes and licensing fees.